by Rai


“Lady in Red” Wieslaw Walkuski

This week, focus has been difficult to keep. In the middle of NaNoWriMo this event which was the presidential election has diverted attention  nationwide – worldwide, in a great many cases.

Yesterday, I found myself in a few dialogues speaking very abstractly about the election. The outcome of which I view much like I view anything in life – I look for the pattern; the  bigger picture. I analyze the root of the occurrence and find reason in its purpose; try to organize what that means in terms of where we’re at as a society. I take all that and put it on a blue print, hold it up to the lightboard that is our sky and say, “OK, this is what it is. This is where we go from here.”

I try to speak in broad strokes, I avoid pointing fingers and above all, I try very hard not to let the strong opinions of others, sometimes abrasive and tactless opinions, change the way I feel about them, me, or the human heart and its (at times) impulsive need to express raw emotion.

As a writer, words are my strong point, but sometimes I don’t even know how to use them. They come out all misdirected and wrong. Sometimes I regret them. Words, after all, can hurt. They can help, but they can hurt. Remember that.

Everyone seems to think they have the right answer or that the problem is as obvious as a color, creed, or social standing. The world isn’t any more black and white than the meaning behind a piece of music, a painting or poem. Things aren’t always what they seem. We judge, and we too will be judged.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

More than ever, the importance of art needs to be acknowledged. Outrage and upset has rendered creatives and artists I know into activists. It’s pushed everyday readers, listeners, and lookers to be politicians. I have read a great many opinions that express the necessity of artists to share a voice in all this, to offer their take, to ignite the conversation when, I believe, it’s this continuous rhetoric that keeps focus down one path – a path that needs a more constructive direction.

Remember that art can speak volumes. Music and art, literature and poetry. Remember as artists this is our gift, to take what we want to say, what needs to be said, and use it in this way, abstractly.  Bring back this movement, and do it strongly. The world needs its artists to do what they do best. Create.

Be well, love often, and enjoy.