And We Carry On: Writing/Life Updates

by Rai

So, I’ve been super M.I.A from this blog, I realize. Don’t know how many people I had checking in here anyway, but it’s not really about that, is it? Or wait, of course it is. At any rate, I have been adding things here and there at Scriggler. There is a link up in the menu but it’s not so obvious and maybe I should change that.

There were a few reasons I halted all progress on the blog/writing. A couple projects came up that swept me off under my feet and I had to… well, inevitably I chose to abandon the writing for a minute to start those projects off. While I was “gone” I met a surprising number of people that think Tarot and Astrology couldn’t be bigger wastes of mind space, nor have any validity or value in life in general. Not that I care about these opinions, but it made me wonder how many people I was putting off from reading my posts if they’re based on Tarot. I’m just a metaphysical being living in a human body and find all things mysterious and occult just, pretty damn fascinating. This is my space, I can do what I want, but maybe I need to tone down the spiritual connections to me and my writing and just talk about writing.88e7bd2d7df310ef92a6383876bc3e30

That said, if you’re curious. I did draw a card. I got the Five of Cups and fittingly here I am focusing on the few cups that spilled and not on the two very full ones I still have in front of me, so…

Sure I’m frustrated with being sidetracked, sure I’ve been questioning if I’m a writer at all, sure I’ve been wondering if my priorities are in the right place or if I’m just doing a really good job at wasting my time in areas I’m not supposed to be spending any time in at all. I have doubts, many. With that, I’ve started another semester of school and Science, a subject I would have been happy to nerd out to 5 months ago, has now become the biggest burden/brain robber ever. I cared about the environment once, now I’m all, ‘SOCIAL LIKES’ ‘CONTENT’ ‘NUMBERS’ ‘NETWORK’. Gah.

Where am I going with all this?

There is a balance I’m trying to reach and maybe I just needed to do a few things before swinging back and focusing on what I was doing, aka writing, before the madness began, aka music marketing. My book. I suppose the madness started after I sent one query out to an agent, got a “no thank you”, and decided I was a failure. Ridiculous logic, I know.

I’m going to head over to Scriggler right now and upload another poem. Maybe I should post them here too. Poetry… not sure why I’ve been writing so much poetry lately, but I suppose I just need that therapy. I find that I can speak more accurately through it, rather than with story.

Music selection is “Carry On” by an underground producer in Paris, France by the name of Thomas Fontana. I’ve chosen it because it’s a rad track, but also because carry on is what we/I need to do. This one’s free for download, so snag it.

Be well, love often, and enjoy!