Hitting Your Stride

by Rai

Last week I found some much needed writing time at a local cafe. I find I do my best writing work in cafes. Because I hadn’t worked on my novel for so long, I basically had to start from the beginning, which meant more editing, fine-tuning… I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing since I wrote the thing. I can’t seem to get past the first 3 chapters. Maybe it’s fear.

One thing I did that I’m not sure I should have done is have an editor read it in it’s first draft. This was last year. At the time, I thought, I needed those eyes to critique my storyline. Maybe this editors reply back killed my ego in all the right places, maybe the things he mentioned did need to be changed. But what I did was focus on those negative things. He said a lot of positive things, but I ran with the negative and since then I feel like I’ve been in endless “revise & rewrite” mode. Then there was that little tiny window where Harper Legend was looking for the next Siddhartha (note to self: need to read this one again) and I thought to myself, “Hell yes I can turn this book from a memoir to a spiritually awaking/philosophical surrealist masterpiece!” I mean, ideally, this was the book I was going for anyway. Those types of books are by far my favorite.

At any rate, this new aim sent me on another bout of “rewrite” and once I started surrealizing details in the memoir  – well then it was no longer a memoir. Then, did I really need all that back story about me and my who-gives-a-fuck life? These are questions that I’m still asking.

BUT re-reading those pages from the backstory in the cafe, I grew partial to the flow. I feel, even if it wasn’t about me, there’s a good character set up there and maybe I still can use that. Maybe I CAN write a memoir fantastical. Could you really tell me it’s not still a memoir? Could you prove to me that my fantastical imagination does not exist? I think not. 9e6a5f3bf042cfbff3210aa816cf6b20

Really super duper fitting that I drew the Three Pentacles when thinking about this blog entry. This card means that your hitting your stride. Making all the right moves. Your talents are being put to work, people see you as capable, and that if there was any doubt before, this is confirmation to display your abilities. It says, you know what to do now and how to do it, even if you don’t know you know – YOU KNOW. You can achieve these goals. This card is drenched in positive affirmations about work and career.

Here his pentacles are represented by the three symbols over top of him. The far left being Mercury (communication and career), and to the far right is the Alchemic symbol for Sulfur. Mercury can be mix with sulfur, it’s its opposite. I’m not sure why that’s significant. I’m also not sure what the middle symbol, the square, is supposed to represent unless it’s THIS. 090306-holmyard22

I know I said in the last post I wasn’t going to talk about tarot so much and now here I am diving into alchemy and man, I need to get to WORK.

Musical selection this week is this track by Flamingosis and Ehiorobo called “Truck”. Why? Because it’s been stuck in my head, and because, as the lyrics say, “You should hold on. I ain’t too sure where were goin’ with this. You know that I’m into funk. You feel like I’m riding a truck. Lots of bumps and stank faces.” In other words, we’ll figure this out. We’re just hitting out stride.

Be well, love often and enjoy!