The Harvest of Desire

by Rai


I’ll remember Winter as “the time before”,

Before this Was, and That was no more

When ice builds a bridge to impossible shores

I’ll remember Winter where silence is born.

I’ll remember Spring as when temptation grew

On a bed of old thorns six roses bloomed,

All soft, red, and sweet smelling perfume

I’ll remember Spring as Love, renewed.

And Summer, Ah! Summer

The trees team with life

Laughter and play replace what was strife,

But hellish your heat

And madness your mission,

I’ll remember Summer as a time to start wishing

Fore Autumn, what pages this pen could fill!

Your bright falling leaves rest so peaceful and still

Incense of sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh

Liven the spirit, and oh! how it stirs.

Yes, Autumn I remember such beauty and joy

Orange pumpkins in patches, red apples in bushels,

Yellow squash in the hand, stew simmering, bread brimming,

And coffee never tasted so rich.

Autumn I remember as the best season ever

Late August, September, October, November

When a poet’s thoughtful prose start to glow like a fire

I’ll remember Autumn as the harvest of desire.