My name is Rachel Marchwinski, writer and artist, owner and operator of ESOTAROT EARTH.

Eternal child at heart, seeker, and soon-to-be-mom, for 14 years I worked in the music industry as a songwriter and vocalist, which means I’ve also worked every minimum wage job under the sun. I’ve spent over a decade writing for various entertainment publications (Indie Shuffle, Real Detroit, DJ Times) and now I spend my time perfecting skills in creative non-fiction, studying archetypes via mythology, folklore, astrology, and tarot as a way to build a better understanding of myself and a universe of characters.


Well traveled and a wanderer at heart, I’m a collector of knowledge, books, words and experiences.

I believe bookstores are sanctuaries and a good story is life-saving. I believe creation is way more exciting than completion (personal problem). I believe in ethics and omens, numbers as the key to all knowledge, magic and divination. I appreciate manual labor and am known to choose the company of animals over people. I married my childhood best friend and am so amazed how much he’s made me feel like a whole person. As a non-traditionalist, it’s also really amazing how much I enjoy making our home happy and warm.

Along with being a published author, I hope to one day have a rescue farm and/or live as the land intended in some beautiful country, somewhere.

Changeable as the wind and never one thing entirely, I have and will forever be a writer.

My favorite authors are Ernest Hemingway, Sherman Alexie, Barbara Kingsolver, and Katherine Arden.


A short list of books that have helped define me:

A Moveable Feast (Hemingway)

War Dances (Alexie)

Prodigal Summer (Kingsolver)

The Winternight Trilogy (Arden)

On Writing (Stephen King)

Women Who Run with the Wolves (Clarissa Pinkola Estes)


ATTENTION PRESS: I no long write for Indie Shuffle so please no more band emails.