Small and Yellow

Increase, decrease
As far as I can tell, I am anomaly
I am honey bee
I am wanderer
I linger temporarily

I don’t know who you are
This is the uncertain thing
So we mingle in the meadow
The scent of many flowers
Small and yellow

This is why we came here, is it not?
It was open and clear
Whispering, “honeydrips”
Softly say, “honeydrips”
Rolls from my forehead
Tickles my tongue
Honeydrips, honeydrips

Honey, sweet
Honey, slow
I want more
I want home

Was it an accident, a shift of the wind?
Honeydrips, honeydrips
I say it again
Given a smaller path
Would we pick up the same sweet scent?
Honeydrips, Honeydrips
So many flowers
So many friends
Narrow it down and begin again

This art is not my own. You can purchase it through Art For Conservation by clicking on the image.

This art is not my own. You can purchase it through Art For Conservation by clicking on the image.

The Beautiful Horse of Play

The beautiful horse of play
Stood dormant on top of his hay
Bright eyes of clear blue
White face, sandy mane
He stood and he listened, and he answered by name

The beautiful horse of play
His owners were always away
So he tried to make games by chewing on things
But it wasn’t much fun to do

Then a barn girl appeared in his pad
The taste of sugar on her hand
And the beautiful horse took a liking of course
And the barn girl seemed to understand

“Rio,” the barn girl she said
And he bowed his large beautiful head
With a bridle and lead, having finished his feed
He was now being led out the shed

“What is this?” Rio said in a trot
The excitement ne’er had he forgot
The barn girl opened the gate to a large sandy track
Unhooked his lead
Patted his neck
Off Rio went with grace true to his kind
Coat glistening
Muscles rippling
On his powerful hind

The beautiful horse of play
Jumped and frolicked through all of the day
He galloped and raced, he kicked and he paced
His head high and proud as a champion

And when he was through, with the manners he knew
Rio nodded his head, touched a hoof to the gate
And the barn girl came calling
On went bridle and lead
And she walked him back slowly and petted his cheeks
Cooing wonderful tones as he flicked his tall ears
“You’re the most beautiful horse, Rio, in all of the land.”
And he whinnied and nodded and licked her sweet hand.