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What is Esotarot Earth?

If any of you are wondering what I’ve been doing with all my time, here are some words about a place I have created, Esotarot Earth, what it is, what it isn’t, and why I’m doing it. With love.

While I’m still building the Esotarot Earth site and how it should function, I’m placing this bit of writing here because I haven’t been here in a while, and wasn’t sure how to merge these avenues of expression. Please follow me on facebook at Esotarot Earth. That is where I have been placing all my writing bits, and that is where this one has been copies from.



Let me start by saying what Esotarot Earth is NOT. We are not astrologists. Though half our library is Astrology books and we believe a solid understanding of it is not only helpful to an individual, but necessary when communicating any esoteric practice, our Astrology understanding at this stage is limited in that we won’t be giving advice in Astrological terms but using it as a tool to further strengthen the message. Right now, July 5th 2018, there are 5 planets retrograde – Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and Neptune. Top that with one major asteroid, Chiron, and that’s 6 cosmic bodies currently in retrograde.

Books upon books we have that tell us what that means, but at the end of the day, what does it mean really? What it means to him or her, them or they will be different. The ones that fair best through any challenge are the ones that rely on intuitive functions. You will all go about your days, retrogrades or not. You will grow, you will digress, you will change or you will stagnate, wither, blossom, in sadness and in joy interchangeably, always, each according to their being.

Here on ET Earth we know this, as we are the same, and while the message we bring is rooted in facts, the delivery is wholly intuitive. But as far as retrograde go, this quote from Erin Sullivan’s book ‘Retrograde Planets’ will get you far,

“The degree of discord in personal life during retrogrades signifies the distance form one’s core values and high-creative inspiration.”

Retrogrades force us to take a second, third and fourth look, not on the outside, but internally. Knowing there are 6 astral bodies asking us to take an inside look, regardless of their functions, tells us that this period will either be wrought with inner conflict if we are on the wrong path, if we are on the right one – fairly smooth yet solemnly focused on the details of intention, or a combination of both if we, like most, find ourselves in between. The point is we’re all trying to define who we are NOW, what we are NOW, where we want to be, and when we are in our truth. We all want to get down to the bottom of what constitutes our happiness.

Which brings me back to ET Earth and what we ARE. Our purpose lies in the heart of those searching. We’ve taken great pains to arrive at this point, a risk that seemed worth taking, – a point at which we feel confident – more so compelled – to communicate aspects of the collective unconscious through the ways in which feel comfortable (tarot, and numerology) “We”, because it is not just one mind that has brought us here, but many. My fingers, my words, my being, just a conduit of this vast mystery I’m pleased to be a part of.

On my personal journey, this is where I stand – having created ET Earth, and like a new mother, I’m not exactly sure where it will go, what it will become, how I should mold it, or how much I should just let it be – just, Be.

Like many of you, I’ve long held my favorite astrologers, tarot readers, and the like. The pressures of all the people already in these fields on Youtube and Instagram, doing it and doing it well, can make one not want to begin at all. I spent decades as a singer songwriter battling the same forces, succumbing to the same fears. Like most, I go in and out of doubt; I hold high, and then bury my faith in myself. But the individuation process continues, and the work is never done. My life is my work of art, it is Esotarot Earth, the opus of a metaphysical geek.

As Richard Roberts states in ‘Tarot Revelations’, “In Hermetic philosophy, the work and life merge, the artist or alchemist being part of – and inseparable from – the process.”

Let my personal story demonstrate what this message is about – what eggs you on? What is the the thing that make you excited to keep going, despite challenges? What is your art?

Which leads me right into the energy of the day, and what a roll of the dice revealed: The energy: 17 (associated with The Star), the nuance: 6 (associated with the lovers) and the oracle card, “She Tames By Laying Down The Staff and Rope”. So here is our message:

Align with your higher nature, have faith in the divine. Within these cards we are shown the unity of the high and lower in a divine capacity (17, The Star) preparing the soul for flight, and as depicted in 6, The Lovers, “The male or the conscious mind, looks to the female, or subconscious mind, which in turn gazed up at the angel, or the super-conscious.”

With The Star showing itself, your wish is at the threshold of materializing, but it takes faith. As the oracle states, let down the rope and staff, we have reached a point in the physical world where we can go no further, it’s now the work of the spiritual realm, so have faith, feed your goals with faith, and meditate. Let life do the hard lifting, while you look inward, as the retrogrades ask, and make space for the shadow inside you as well as the light. Understand them and let them be one, fore “Reality resides only in the synthesis of opposites.”

Whether you are male or female, experience the polarity of the anima and animus within. The male principle has pushed us this far, gained us this much, now call on the feminine, internalize, magnetize the forces so that the goal can take form. Surrender and invite these mysterious aspects of yourself to merge, with love, connect to your higher and lower self. Soften your approach, let go of the job, identity, habit or lifestyle you thought defined you. Don’t be afraid to empty, to look deeper. Ask yourself where you feel discord, and seek the answer within. Illumination is right around the corner.

Up and Out

Musical selection this week is Sinead Hartnett and her brand new video “Rather Be With You” because I think the message is right in line with what we’re supposed to be learning this month, what I get into below. Don’t let your ego go on thinking you can do this alone or that you’re better than everyone. Karma will come crashing down to show you, you were better off in that place of humility, that space of love and unity. That’s when the real work gets done.

“I was halfway up on a the wings of a fantasy. Looking out for love, didn’t know what was good for me…”


While you’re listening, keep reading! Here is the spread for this week. 


Whatever that looks like to you, I’ll tell you what it means to me. We’ll call it an “up and out” energy. That’s what I’m feeling. It’s this constant loop of breakdowns and rebuilds. Shit blows up, we come out. Shit breaks down, we stand back up and step on out.

The Tower is a shocking change, usually unpleasant. It’s a karmic debt number, 16. Taken from the numerological stand point,

The 16 is different from other karmic debt numbers, as it is not easily overcome. It involves a continuous cycle of rebirth. After collapse, you will learn the way of humility. You must recognize that power is meant to be shared and you are superior only to your former self. –

Wherever 16 shows up in a numerology chart, in the cards, it means “destruction of the old and birth of the new.” It’s life challenging your grand plans, it’s a lost battle, a strike to the ego. But wherever this exists, so does the humility that follows. It is the key to later success, bringing us closer to union, spiritual or otherwise.

Being that we’re heading into a Mercury retrograde this is just what it is- that shit we’re supposed to fix and if we haven’t learned how or learned what it’s stemming from it’s just going to keep throwing us in those same cycles and we’ll have to keep learning those same painful lessons. So stop it. Stop the cycle. Get to the root of why the problem keeps occurring. It’s in you, not outside of you. No one can change you but you. It’s no one else’s fault if things aren’t working. Know this and let the shock of that revelation propel you forward, a new and better you. Do this and you will have achieved a sort of victory, as represented by the Six of Wands. 

The Six of Wands is the lower echo of The Chariot and The Tower. Both of these cards signal change, The Chariot being a card of dominating victory and The Tower being a card illustrating the intrusion of unexpected chaos. When the Six of Wands appears with one of these cards, a life-changing accomplishment occurs. This is the difference between being interviewed about an event for the evening news and others being interviewed about you for the evening news. –

That place of recognition in the six is then followed by The Chariot. Represented by the sign of Cancer (which happens to be where the moon is right now) The Chariot is the spiritual transformation of man, the strength of will. It promotes immediate action, change, problems overcome, learning lessons from previous mistakes, a rushing forward in balance, success assured.

So yeah, that’s the spread I drew when I asked what I should focus on for this blog post. Big energies going on here and big energies have been surrounding all of us. I know it. I know you’ve felt these cards in your own life.

I’d be ignorant to say I knew what was on the other end of this change, where it’s all heading, but what I do know is that division has been a quite theme over the past 5 months- these powerful coming togethers followed by earth-shattering divisions; division in our hearts in regards to so many issues. It’s been perpetual and it needs to stop. If I’m so bold as to think I’ve come into some clarity about this, I’d say this is what I’ve learned:

9b464d5ce729086252cb7a5b0ee1c782This splitting with old cycles is not a full out abandonment, not this time. I believe what we have in your lives right now is worth working with. The things that are there are worth keeping. It’s about committing. That’s been the challenge. Committing. Not tricking ourselves into thinking there’s something better or that shit’s gonna get better if we keep abandoning what’s been super hard and shitty, throwing away all that progress and starting over. Starting over is cool, but it’s duration and endurance that builds lasting character, strong bonds- things that build security.

What we do need is to split with these ideas that shit isn’t working because of this, that, them, they, him, her – NO. Stop looking outside and pointing fingers. It’s not working because something isn’t working in you, your perspective, your actions. Stop doing the same shit and wondering why you get the same results. Stop that. Stop the unhealthy cycles, in any area of your life. That’s the challenge. This is a time for healing, repairing what’s broke- repairing you, reassessing what isn’t working and moving on from there. Through that we can heal the whole collective. You’ll enter it a stronger person, knowing what you want, knowing what’s good for you, what you will and won’t tolerate. Recognize that the strongest version of you is the one that works for the good of the whole, with love, and with others working in the same direction- a shared vision, achieved because you’ve found your independence. You’ve found, you – all that you can offer, all that you can do, beautiful you.

I’m talking to myself here as much as you, you and you. This is just what I’ve learned, like I said. Maintaining the love in your own heart, despite the destructive changes, that’s the key. That’s what I’ve been learning. It’s not easy. It’s something I have to work at – loving me, loving them, trusting love, love, love, love. But you know what? I do recognize that good things ONLY happen when I’m in this space of love and when other people are in it with me and when we’re working together. That’s the only time. So I want to stay there, no matter what. Pain ain’t got nothing on me. Hardships? We’ll call them character builders, thank them, and move on. Stay in love. Stay here with me. Love often and you’ll be well. Enjoy!

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